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Make Multi-Year Weight Training your new personal trainer. Whether it's bodybuilding, powerlifting, athletics or general fitness and weight loss, Multi-Year Weight Training will help you build muscle as quickly as possible through systematic modifications of diet and exercise.

Start the journey with full body workouts. Get your diet in order with macronutrient goals. Learn the theory about why what you're doing will or will not produce results. You won't get to a body weight bench press without learning along the way and you certainly won't get double your weight on the bar without learning a few more things. Performance and knowledge have to increase together. Multi-Year Weight Training has you covered in both respects.

You are a craftsman. Your body is the project, the gym is your workshop, and compound exercises are your most trusty tools. Study, plan, then build something great.

Fast-track Your Progress

The bodybuilding and fitness industry in general are full of myths, unconfirmed anecdotal reports, outright lies and fabrications so you'll find an evidence based approach a breath of fresh air. You won't get confused by a million different exercises to chose from. You'll get what has worked over and over for people around the world. Whether you're interested in weight loss or you want to build muscle, you'll also get personalized recommendations based on decades of research on how best to achieve the fastest rate of progress.

---- HIGHLIGHTS ----

You. Will. Make. Progress.

After you complete a workout, your next workout will automatically adjust (weight/rep/set increments and decrements) to respond to performance levels in the previous workout. That means workout tracking and body tracking couldn't be simpler. Create a workout with a single tap then log it with another. Done.

Realistic targets keep you on track. Statistical analysis has shown that a beginner can expect a strength gain of about 30% in the first 90 days. Additional gains in strength are gradual and due to an interplay between neuromuscular improvements and hypertrophy. A 5'9" (1.75m) man can expect to gain about 15 lb (7kg) of muscle in the first year. Expect 3-5 years to reach your natural maximum. These are your targets. Feel free to smash through them.

    We're serious about results. Let's see how it works.

  • Performance Modeling

    The physiological response to progressive resistance training over time emerges from the aggregate training data.

  • Key Stage Identification

    We can clearly see three unique stages of strength development: neuromuscular dominant, hypertrophy dominant and an equilibrium between these two components.

  • Statistical Analysis

    Aggregate data is mined to determine what training variables have the greatest impact on development in each training stage.

  • Protocol Optimization

    Improved methods that maximize the training response during each physiological development stage are then created and tested.

  • Progressive Loading

    Proper sequencing of methods results in progressive intensification and uninterrupted progress.

  • Multi-Year Training

    As the training effect of one phase decreases, more effective means are introduced which, in turn, are replaced by even more effective means.

Listen to our users. They say great things.


I can't say enough good things about this program. It has all the best programs and is easy to use. If you follow the program, you WILL make progress. The workouts are brutal, relentless, and effective.

Great app! ★★★★★


Solid scientific knowledge about how the program is put together and why. I am starting the 5 phase program that is the gem of this app, and worth more than is being charged IMO. First week is done and I feel awesome.

Intelligent Weightlifting ★★★★★


An outstanding app with an incredible amount of knowledge and thought behind it. The app does far more than offer strength programs for you to follow. It will acquaint you with the hows and whys of training – giving you what you need to build a solid understanding of how to train effectively. Absolutely recommended for anyone who is looking to make significant gains in their strength.

A strength coach in your pocket ★★★★★


I don't normally write reviews but this is by far the best strength and weight training app on the App Store. With no nonsense training routines you will make steady progression. I have never looked or felt stronger! Detailed information on how to get started and in many aspects of training with charts to track your progression. Will say it again excellent app and a must have for anyone wanting to get in great shape. Would recommend to everyone.

Best Strength App by Far ★★★★★